Niny Purnama Sari

We would like to thank Yong Sen from Inzz Studio and all of his crew for the renovation work completed back in August 2017. Yong Sen was very helpful through every step of the way. He was a willing listener to all our concerns and needs, big or small. He would give advice on what was need to be done and what was unnecessary. A man of few words, but he gets the job done and in a timely manner! We feel very happy with our newly renovated home and would have no hesitation in recommending Yong Sen to anyone who wants to renovate their home. Many thanks, Yong Sen!   Andrew & Niny

James Tay

I would like to thanks Shiau Wei, the ID for my new house. She is a friendly ID to work with. It was a smooth process and everything was on schedule. During the renov period, Shiau Wei will take care of all my delivery matters and installation including Openet etc after passing her all my invoices. Shiau Wei will update me the progress of my renov by sending pics and texts through Whatapps and she is patient and prompt in replying all my queries. Being my first time planning for renovation, she has given me good and fair advice. I am satisfied with the overall renovation with both space-saving and cost-saving elements. A lot of my friends who visited my house also commented that it is a nice and cosy place to live in.

Regin Wong

Inzz Studio provided my fam with one of the most wonderful, productive, unique and enjoyable experiences we have had in decorating a home. We feel so delightful to have discovered our ID and highly recommend to others!

Zack Chua Shuo Yan

Here is my long overdue review for Shiau Wei. I came across Inzz studio facebook page and was drawn in by their unique and minimalist design. Discussion was smooth throughout, pricing was reasonable and workmanship was great. Shiau wei was able to grasp what we wanted quickly and at the same time, able to offer valuable suggestions to us. Small minor rectifications were promptly attended to. Overall, we were satisfied with whole renovation process and we will definitely recommend to friends and families in future if they require any renovations.

Ivine Ng

My husband and I had no idea what we wanted when we started out looking for an ID. We only knew that we wanted an industrial theme because it suits our lifestyle. We met many over zealous IDs who were quick to accommodate us and eventually shortlisted Buzz.

He was able to project fresh perspectives on the ideas we had and is forthcoming about the feasibility and cost practicality. Although he is busy handling simultaneous projects at a go, he makes himself accessible to us. He will also manage our expectations and ask us to give him time to respond when he gets busy.

Buzz convinced us to opt for the floor polishing service provided by his company. At first, we were disinclined to go for it. We were also wary of IDs who are out to ‘slaughter’ us because we do hear a lot of stories from others about other IDs. However, you can see the confidence in him when he speaks of how none of his clients regretted opting for it. He also showed us an actual unit he did for a client and we were convinced that we should opt in. At that time, our floor had blackened grooves after HDB handed the keys to us. Now, our floor is sparkling clean and we have to admit it is worth every cent!

Post-sale service is excellent. We discovered minor defects in some areas (even after living in the flat for close to two months!) and he help us to coordinate with his contractors to rectify them all.

There were little hiccups over our renovation process. We are really grateful that Buzz was involved with us in building our little humble abode. Friends who saw our house were all praise for the design and workmanship.

In future, we will definitely engage Inzz Studio if we need modifications done to our living spaces. Thank you Buzz, and Inzz Studio!!

Xave Edison

I will like to extend my sincere gratitude to Inzz Studio for a great job on renovating my new unit in Stratum. JJ has been very responsible and dedicated to assisting in working with the contractors to meet the timeline and ensuring that the design meets my expectation. He even takes extra miles to help me to fix the hob wiring when I am facing problem to turn it on.

Overall I am very satisfied with the renovation and will definitely recommend Inzz Studio to my friends and families if they need renovation in the near future.

Thumb up and keep up the good work!

Shian Goh

I would like to thank Walter from Inzz Studio.for doing such a great job of renovating my condo at Seletar Park Residence. He stuck to my budget for a minimalist theme, was concise and gave quick & good response to my endless queries. He definitely went beyond what I would have expected from an ID. Highly recommend!

Volkan Gumus

professional and creative, very good end results

James Tay

I would like to thanks Shiau Wei, the ID for my new house. She is a friendly ID to work with. It was a smooth process and everything was on schedule. During the renov period, Shiau Wei will take care of all my delivery matters and installation including Openet etc after passing her all my invoices. Shiau Wei will update me the progress of my renov by sending pics and texts through Whatapps and she is patient and prompt in replying all my queries. Being my first time planning for renovation, she has given me good and fair advice. I am satisfied with the overall renovation with both space-saving and cost-saving elements. A lot of my friends who visited my house also commented that it is a nice and cosy place to live in.


Niny, Punggol Walk

We got to know Inzz Studio through Qanvast and we would like to thank our ID Yong Sen and all of his crew for the renovation work completed back in August 2017. We felt that he was very helpful throughout every step of the wa as he was a willing listener to all our concerns and needs, whether big or small. He would give advice on what was needed and what was that is unnecessary. He was a man of few words, but he gets the job done in a timely manner! We were very happy with our newly renovated home and would not hesitate to recommend Yong Sen to anyone who wants to renovate their home. Completion: August 2017

Cecilia, Fernvale Close

I got to know the ‘Inzz Studio’ through my friend. After several meeting and conversations, I decided to go with Inzz because Shiau Wei has shown that she listens well and is meticulous with the changes that we discussed. This was an important point for me. It was a good experience working alongside with her as Shiau Wei is very responsive and helpful in a lot of areas (as I was new to all this). She was quite patient with all my requirements and any changes I made. The whole process was made very smooth and organized. With her supervision on the renovation, I do not have to be a worry as I feel assured it will be rectified when there are issues faced. Shiau Wei impressed me with her initiative and pro-activeness. She gets things done without any glitch and is always compromising on my schedule. Overall, everything was completed within my expectation as only the minor stuff was rectified. Renovation Cost: S$ 30,000 Completion: August 2017

Sam, Bedok South

‘Inzz Studio’ was recommended by my friend who previously did their renovation with them. As I do not have any experience with any Interior Designs, I spoke to the designer and he gave me ideas on what to expect and do in a renovation. I was impressed with his ideas and suggestions and decided to engage his services. Working alongside with him was good, he was accomodative because in between the renovation there were some minor things that I wanted to change. He was able to accomodate to what I want. I was amazed with him going the extra mile to assist me in choosing the right furniture that matches with the design and colour scheme. Overall, it was a good experience and I was satisfied with the service rendered. Renovation completed in: October 2017 Cost of Renovation: $24,000

Keryn, Tanah Merah

We came across ‘Inzz Studio’ from their Facebook and was sourcing for an ID for our home. We were anamoured by their loft style designs after browsing through their portfolio and decided to arrange a meet up with them. Everything went fine during the renovation process and our ID was patient throughout. As we are renovating a 1 bedroom unit and wanted to create more space, she managed to make a 3D plan and create the vision to life. We were quite happy that the renovation went smoothly and we found that she is very passionate about her work. She came over for some finishing touches and even went the extra mile to wipe the spilled water on the floor (due to an opened window when it was raining so heavily). And also when the ventilation was not good, she helped to find an aircon specialist! Thus, we were satisfied with her great service and the renovation. Renovation completed in: July 2017 Cost of Renovation: $30,000

Agnes, Punggol

We got to know Inzz Studio through some social media. We have seen their portfolio as thought and thought at it suits our pattern. Our ID, Shiau Wei is able to help us with some suggestions for the storage space. Our renovation was completed quite fast. It was a smooth process, except for some minor touch up. Shaiu Wei was very responsive throughout our renovation and we’re very happy to be working with her. We had also recommended them to others. We wish them all the best & prosperous business! Renovation completed in : August 2016 Cost of renovation : $30,000


We got to know Inzz Studio through online. Out of all IDs we met, we decide to engage Inzz Studio for the connections we had and also the price they proposed. As we were out of town most of the time, our ID, Shiau Wei kept us updated of the renovation progress regularly.It was a very smooth process and they completed it on time. Renovation completed in : January 2017

Mr Darren

We met with a few IDs recommended by Qanvast but our final choice was Inzz Studio as they have got a specific concept that we are looking for. The design proposed by our ID, Shiau Wei was okay. There was some delay in completing the project due to the holidays. However it was understandable as i am also in the same trade. For further improvement, it will be good if they have more trendy designs. Overall we are happy with our renovation and would definitely recommend them to others. Renovation completed in : December 2016 Cost of renovation : $95,000

Chris, The Skywood

I found Inzz Studio after chancing upon their post on Facebook. I went to their showroom for a meet up with Buzz and really like how they design the showroom, it is in line with what I would like to do with my new place. As I have a high ceiling of 3.25m, I needed loft designs to better utilise the space. Buzz was able to help me design my space really well. I also admire him as a professional as he was so open for me to hire my own electrician as his contact was more pricey and he even help me to do some of the coordination. One of thing that can be improved was being more firm to me, I wanted glass panels for aesthetic although Buzz warned me about it, he went ahead with my decision and now I am faced with the issue of lack of ventilation *laugh* Nevertheless, I would still highly recommend him to my friends! Renovation completed in: September 2016 Cost of renovation: $40,000

Jun Hao, Tanah Merah

I got to know Inzz Studio through Qanvast! We really like their designs when we saw them on Qanvast and read through all the reviews before we call up Shiau Wei for meet up. As we were very busy with our own business, we went ahead to engage Inzz Studio after our meet up. Shiau Wei was very professional and gave us a very pleasant renovation journey. Our place is a penthouse and we did a loft and installed a wall lamp. However, we realised that it was quite a hassle to switch off the lights when we are back in our room upstairs. We shared our issues with her and she came back quickly with a brilliant solution! She install a smart wireless switch which allow us to turn it on/off when we are in the bedroom. Our experience was really good and we are more than happy to recommend her to our friends! Renovation completed: September 2016 Cost of renovation : $12,500

Yue Fong, Sengkang Square

I was recommended to Inzz Studio through my friend’s recommendation. I decided to engage Shiau Wei as she listened more than she talk during our discussion. As I knew exactly what I wanted, it was good that she shared with me what was feasible and if not, how to work around it. Most of the IDs that I met previously were more pushy. This is my second time doing renovation and I remember having so much difficulties with my previous ID. However, with Shiau Wei, my experience was really good, I always look forward to meet up with her! She always appear unannounced to check on the contractors too. I have some designs that came out not as expected, she would readily help me to change it and never once complain about it. She looked from homeowner’s perspective which made me really appreciative of her professionalism. I will definitely recommend her to my friends! Renovation completed: September 2016 Cost of renovation: $58,000

Alwyn, Choa Chu Kang

Working with Buzz from Inzz Studio was the best we could ask for. He is very experienced and was able to provide design solutions that other IDs couldnt. The style were going for was industrial and after speaking to many other IDs, we felt that Buzz could understand us the best. We had great chemistry and our communication was smooth throughout our renovation journey. He has great design sense and is very practical. He was the only ID who advised us not to have a study room in the living room as it would be too cluttered and he came up with another study room alternative for us and we were really pleased with it. He also took the effort to go the extra mile every time. Even if theres any hiccups, he would rectify straight away, not to mention his excellent after sales service. You could tell hes genuinely invested to create the perfect home for us. We are very happy with our new home. Renovation completed in: August 2016 Cost of renovation: $45,000

Cass, Potong Pasir

I got to know Inzz Studio through google and I went on to visit their open house. I really like their designs which was the main reason why I engaged them. I have heard so many horror stories about renovation but Shiau Wei has made it so easy for me! My key collection was delayed and I was in a rush to move in during the June school holiday. I am so glad that Shiau Wei managed to complete within the tight timeline for me. To be honest, I cant think of anything that she can improve on. She is very helpful with all the requests that I made. Renovation completed in: June 2016 Cost of renovation: $27,000

Jessie, WaterBay, Punggol

I discovered Inzz Studio through magazines. We were initially attracted by their designs. After visiting their showroom, my husband was very impressed workmanship after going showroom. Hence we have decided to engage them. My interior designer has been very responsive and very receptive to our ideas and changes. She will also provide her feedback during our discussion. The project was delivered on time. Their after-sale services have also been excellent, where they have helped me with areas such as repositioning our lightings after the renovations. Any post-renovation problems have been rectified. Overall, it has been a smooth experience.

Philip, Towner Road

I got to know about Inzz Studio through their website and have chosen to engage them due to good chemistry between us and the designer. It was generally a good experience and their workmanship is great. Despite some hiccups after the renovation, the company also helped to resolve most of them. It will be even better if the company is able to provide more frequent and regular updates about the renovation progress.

Luc, Waterbay

Inzz Studio’s designs were very much to our liking after we chanced upon their work in a magazine so we decided to arrange for an appointment with them. We talked to a few other firms besides Inzz Studio but majority of them needed us to commit a minimum amount for the renovation budget. As for Inzz Studio, they showed their enthusiasm despite our project being a small scale renovation. The interior designer was always on the ball and she came up with detailed schedule for the renovation. The renovation went according to the schedule and all the executional works was great. Due to some last minute changes, we had problem with the bedrooms TV console but all I had to do was to change the TV to a slightly smaller one so it wasnt so much of an issue there.

Davier, Tampines

Our friends house was renovated and we liked how their place was designed so we got the contact of their interior designer. Our decision to engage the same ID (Inzz Studio) came after being assured by our friend that they are very reliable. On top of that, the designer Alan was able to come up with a pretty concept and the design was in tune with what we had in mind. Throughout the renovation, Alan was very responsible and we were impressed with his positive working attitude as he would usually response within a short time. The renovation was smooth, fast, coupled with good workmanship from his contractors.

Tian Kun, Punggol Waterway Brooks

When I browsed through Qanvast, I chanced upon Inzz Studio and really liked their work. After looking more into their company through Internet searches, I’ve not seen any negative reviews about them so I decided to give them a try. In fact, I did not contact any other IDs mainly because I felt comfortable talking with Inzz Studio’s designer, Eugene, from the first contact itself. Their office was done up by themselves so I was impressed with their good workmanship. I kind of knew what I wanted so when I shared my ideas with Eugene, he listened attentively and extended my ideas further from there. He’s a very responsive person and will try his best to make things happen. Initially, things were lagging behind a little but once I told him my concerns about the timeline, he managed to speed up the process.

Jason, One Canberra

I saw their Inzz Studios portfolio in a forum and really liked it. I met up with Yongsen and he is a very detailed man who knows exactly what I wanted. He provided me with a lot of ideas to improve on the home renovation without deviating much from my original plan. He was not too pushy over his suggestions and would respect my decisions. At times when I came out with too many ideas to add on, he would advise me on the feasibility of those ideas based on his experience. There were no major hiccups during the renovation and everything was smooth and timely.

Rebec, Punggol Waterway

It was through a friend of mine that we got to know about Inzz Studio. Although they are not the cheapest IDs, we still engaged them as they are very clear with their proposal and process details. We are very pleased with some of the complimentary items which they offered us, like the blum system. Their showroom is nicely renovated and well organised, so this builds our confidence over their design and workmanship skills. They are also very flexible with the changes. Renovation was smooth and timely. There were no major hiccups except for some delayed response to some of our queries in the midst of the renovation. Our Designer, YS, is very prompt and fast in resolving any arising issues. Overall we are very satisfied with the workmanship and services rendered.

Chai Hwee, The Palette

Shiau Wei (my ID) is a very detailed and experienced ID. When we asked for her past portfolio and samples of her proposed design to our house. she got no issue in showing us her past work. She is different from the rest of the IDs I met, because she can explain her ideas in clear manner and put our budget in mind. Shiau Wei is very patient and listen to our needs and propose the design accordingly. She always keep to the timeline given, and responsive even when she was on leave. We do have conflict when it comes to pricing etc, but I am pleased that we always came to a win-win situation. We also had a situation where the initial design was not be able to be implemented in real due to constraint, but Inzz studio was fast to react and propose a workaround within the short timing. I was skeptical over a young company like Inzz, but Shiau Wei attitude toward my project was a fantastic one. Despite the low budget given, she produced a beautiful design and good workmanship.

Max, Edgefield Plains

I decided to engage Inzz Studio as I felt that Alan had the best design and he was the most approachable out of all the other interior designers. I really like the design of my master bedroom. Overall, my experience was very good and the only improvement that I can think of is perhaps, improved communication flow with my aircon contractor.

Caroline, Seletar Park Residence

We engage Walter from Inzz Studio and never regretted our decision. Although we wished he had provided more ideas/designs, however, we still like the design he proposed and we find him very helpful and good in his follow-up. Inzz Studio was prompt in delivery and we had a smooth renovation process.

Teena, Tampines Central

I engaged Inzz Studio after meeting up with them as I was quite impressed with their service and I didn’t have a lot of time to search around for more options too. Perhaps they could have proposed more designs but we did have budget and time constrain. I was really please that all the renovation was done on time and the service was very good during the renovation. I will definitely recommend Alan to my friends and family.


Before I got my keys, I downloaded the Qanvast app to look around for design ideas and once I’ve gotten my keys, I went through Qanvast and other platforms to look for an interior designer who could do up my place. I saw a couple of designs which I liked from Qanvast so I went to Google about the interior designers more which lead me to discover Inzz Studio’s Facebook page. There were some positive reviews on their page and what differentiated them from other companies was the smaller size of their company. I much preferred to liaise with a smaller company because they are way more personalized and would not just provide me a generic package deals. Overall, I am more than pleased with Shiau Wei’s service and designs! There was no hiccups at all except for some minute ones, so everything was completed on time. There was no need to go down on site to monitor and check the work as Shiau Wei would constantly update me on the progress. For furniture shopping, I could just send her some pictures and she would give me advices on which pieces would be better for my home, and she even went all the way to choose the wallpapers with me. I currently have some small projects on hand and have engaged Shiau Wei to do them as well, on top of recommending her to one of my other friends!

Nyee Yong, Euphony Garden

Shiau Wei’s service and work are really quite excellent. They were recommended by a friend and their workmanship and designs are good. There has been a slight delay in the renovation due to the festive season but they managed to catch up and finish within the stipulated time nonetheless.

Mrs Mok, Parc Vera

I came across their work on Facebook and after seeing how their style was similar to what we were looking for, we decided to set up meetings with them and eventually engaged them for our renovation. On top of the designs, the pricing was reasonable and in terms of response, it was alright too. It has been a pretty good experience working with Shiau Wei and the team. Even though Shiau Wei was overseas, she made sure there was someone else who could fill in for her so everything went smoothly. Since we changed our ideas a couple of times, there has been a miscommunication in the costs, but we managed to sort them out nonetheless.

Ee Ren, Fernvale Link

I have spoken to at least 10 IDs but Victor made a lasting impression because he made an effort to come down to my place for a discussion. He was one of the first few designers that I spoke to and he really set the bar high for the rest of the designers. Victor is quite young, but he knows our style well, considering we are a pair of young couple as well. One slightly daunting or challenging request that I had for him was to design a one-of-a-kind feature wall for my living room. I gave him some ideas and he actually came down on 3 separate occasions to guide the contractors on how to do work. The feature wall is definitely the highlight of my place with my friends and relatives complimenting it when they came by. Even though the floor tiles done by the subcontractors were not done as well as I would have liked it to be, Victor inspected them personally and had the tiling redone at no additional costs. Also, despite Victor being away on a holiday, there was no delay in the renovation because he has assigned another designer to supervise the works and he was equally good as well.

Sandra, Punggol

 I first went to an expo to look for IDs, but most of them turned out to be quite pricey. Actually Inzz Studio was not the cheapest as well but I was mostly attracted to the designs that I saw on their Facebook page. It was very close to what I was looking for and after my place was done up by Inzz Studio, I have received many compliments about my place when I had my housewarming! Shiau Wei is very good and prompt in following up with all the requests that I had, including some last minute changes. Her service was really good.

I simply gave Shiau Wei the keys to my home and it was amazing how she managed the whole project from the beginning to the end. My condo has one of the strictest rules to adhere to and she had done a good job liaising with the management and other external parties involved in the renovation. When she brought us down to choose the tiles and other furniture fittings, all we had to do was to let her know what we liked and she would get things done from there. We just wanted something simple for our home and she was able to deliver as said. The quality of her work is certainly there and it’s great how she managed to finish everything within the stipulated time.

Thomas, Holland Close

We see eye-to-eye with Shiau Wei in terms of the vision that we had for our place so we proceeded to engage them for our home renovation. During the renovation, we made some changes to the things that we asked for, like changing the materials from marble to wood, but Shiau Wei had no qualms about accommodating to our requests. Since I was away on my honeymoon with my wife, we only had to go down to our place once and we were extremely happy with how the work was going on at our place. She came up with this really interesting concept for the storage space of my home! There might have been some minor issues along the way but Shiau Wei was always quick to resolve them. Sometimes, we didn’t even have to tell her and she would get them done. They might be pricier than some IDs out there but it has been a great choice choosing them for my renovation.

Mr Tee, Rainforest

My wife and I are very happy with Inzz Studio’s work and services! Overall, it was a very good experience working with Shiau Wei. Whenever there are any changes to be made, Shiau Wei was very patient in explaining them to me. There was no delay in the renovation and everything was completed within a month. Even though Shiau Wei had to go overseas at one point, she allocated another interior designer whose name I believe to be Jordan, to handle my project and he was very good as well.

Serena, Blossom Residences

I came across Inzz Studio on Facebook and I decided to discuss my home renovation with them after seeing their designs and past projects. The price was reasonable and Yongsen managed to deliver and do up my place according to how my husband and I wanted it to be. Despite Yongsen going off for a holiday somewhere in between, he was prompt in following up and has allocated another designer to continue the renovation from there. I would highly recommend Inzz Studio and we have actually recommended them to my husband’s friend already.


I already had in mind what I wanted to do for my place and when I suggested my ideas to Yongsen, he was able to foresee whether the ideas would be feasible or not. He would explain the pros and cons of the ideas which certainly allowed me to understand the renovation better. His experience shows in his ability to foresee whether certain things would work or not.

Jenny, Arc

Yongsen was very different from the rest of the interior designers whom I have spoken to because he would not simply absorb all the ideas that I have given to him, but to actually improvise in making the ideas better. On top of Inzz Studio’s design style and reasonable pricing, the thing that caught my attention was how they proposed a platform bed from my daughter, which she really likes. After the renovation was completed, I appreciated how Yongsen would come down to take photos of my place and gave me a copy of the photos. If I could give them a suggestion for improvement, perhaps they could be more prompt in their after-sales service as I had to wait for them to come down for some minor touch ups.

Darren, Blossom Residences

The boss, Yongsen, was the person who handled my project and I am happy with his services. Whenever I had issues in regards to my home renovation, he was always there to help even though those things might not be within the scope of his work. For instance, when I was choosing some loose furniture, I would take pictures of the furniture and seek advice from Yongsen to see whether they would fit well in my home. His service extends beyond that and he will continue to help with the touch ups without charging any extra costs at all. As I had a vision to turn my place into a loft, Yongsen was ready to take up the challenge and the end result turned out to be even better than what I have expected.

It was through Inzz Studios Facebook that I found out about them. Their design caught my attention and hence I decided to engage them. My renovation was okay on the whole. I felt that my ID, Yongsen, is a nice guy and listened to my needs. One interesting thing he managed to do for me was a loft kind of bedroom which I like. Follow up from Yongsen was fair as well with any defects being effectively handled. During the renovation there were certain things done by mistake which my son noticed and hence the ID was able to rectify quickly. However the ID was not always on site to supervise the work of contractors and feel this is one area for improvement. I would definitely recommend my ID to others.

Alvin, Sengkang

Inzz Studio was recommended to us by a friend. We liked their competitive designs and after we told them our ideas they were able to recommend suitable designs. Overall the renovation was done well and completed on time. Our ID, Yongsen, did a unique multipurpose colourful cove lighting for us which we really liked. His after sales service was good as well with touch-ups being made quickly. We have recommended Yongsen and Inzz Studio to some of our friends who might have already engaged them as well. One room for improvement is perhaps they can challenge customers more with more creative ideas.

Mr. Khoo, Tampines

It was during our web research that we saw Inzz Studio online. They welcomed us with open arms and their quote matched our budget which is why we decided to engage them. Overall the entire renovation process was good and generally hassle-free. Our ID, Shiau Wei, knows her job well and also gives attention to details. We didnt face many problems and could always reach her through a call. Follow up by our ID was good as well. Despite being a young company, the people at Inzz Studio are good and that is what will take them far. We have already recommended our ID to others.

Serene, Terrasse

I think one of the bloggers had blogged about Inzz Studio and that is how I found out about them. Initially I had shortlisted a few interior designers but after talking to Inzz Studio, I felt their ID, Yongsen, would be for my renovation. He is very professional and replies promptly, which I appreciated. Overall my renovation experience was very good. Yongsen handled any problems I faced. Even if he was not around at certain times, he would send someone down to take care of the issue. Although the designing of the carpentry was good, I felt the finishing of the work can be improved. Maybe it was the carpenter I got whose finishing was not as good. There were minor issues after the renovation which Yongson followed up on and was promptly able to handle.

Jason, Anchorvale

I came across Inzz Studio from an online platform. I liked their designs and felt they could cater to my needs, hence decided to engage them. I told my ID, Yongsen what I had in my mind and he suggested designs based on this. Overall I am satisfied with the end result and found everything acceptable. In particular I think the finishing was well done as well as the settee and false ceiling. Carpentry work was good as well. Follow up was very good with Yongsen promptly handling touch-ups where required. I have already recommended Inzz Studio and Yongsen to some of my friends. One area for improvement is the time taken to deliver.

Huey Ling, Waterview

I found out about Inzz Studio on Faebook. I saw their pictures online and liked their designs. Overall my renovation experience was quite good and I am satisfied. I found my ID, Yongsens service good. He was able to handle all necessary touch-ups before I shifted in and there has been no follow-up necessary since I have moved in.